Know us

"Chiquitita means little girl in Spanish"
Chiquitita by Payal Bahl is seamless blend of naive glamour woven into innocent elegance and natural style. 
 An exclusive designer wear clothing studio for children, dedicated to all the little girls and boys who fire our imagination and make us dream with them. Chiquitita endeavors to capture the innocence and enchantment of childhood, with charming outfits that are sure to make every child not only look but also feel special.
To create beautiful clothes and bring celebration in the lives of our little customers is our passion & mission at Chiquitita.
Chiquitita outfits are elegant yet fun for children since each outfit is crafted with love and care. While we keep the young ones super comfortable in their beautifully designed attires, even the fashion conscious Tweens  feel excited and special in their Chiquitita outfits.
With a varied palette of soft as well as bright quirky colors to suit the playful outlook and boundless imagination of our adorable little people, we strive to provide trendsetting, cute and comfortable clothes in the finest quality .This balance of style & comfort influences every aspect of the design of our outfits, from the choice of fabric, silhouettes, to fit, details & finish.